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Nova Scotia Brokers

Alexander, Chris                               MHA

Bentley, Scott                                   Premiere Mortgage Centre

Cavanaugh, Derick                           Stephen Spellman Mortgages Inc.

Cossitt, Bill                                       Centum Mortgage Team

DeCoste, Jim                                    Dominion Lending Centres – Maritime Mortgage Group

Haynes, Michelle                             Atlantic Breeze Mortgage Centre

Johnson, Scott                                 One Stop Financial Solutions Inc.

MacDonald, Bill                               Dominion Lending Centres – Ideal Mortgage                        

MacInnis, Mary                                Mortgage Intelligence – Invis

MacIsaac, Derek                              One Stop Mortgage Solutions – Verico

Maynard, Mustapha                        Dominion Lending Centres – Ridgeway Group

McCulloch, Jeannie                         Dominion Lending Centres – Ideal Mortgage

McKeough, Janet                             Success Mortgages – Verico

O’Leary, Meg                                   Dominion Lending Centres – Ideal Mortgage

Shinners, James                               Mortgage Managers

Spellman, Stephen                           Stephen Spellman Mortgages Inc.

Wright, Jonah                                  Mortgage Intelligence


New Brunswick Brokers

MacMillan, Don                                The Mortgage Centre – Estate Mortgage Inc.

Carhart, Kelly                                    Dominion Lending Centres National Ltd

St. Amand, Christian                         The Mortgage Centre – Estate Mortgage Inc.


Newfoundland Brokers

Sullivan, Claude                                East Coast Mortgage Brokers – Verico