Code Of Ethics



The standards established by this Code are premised on a number of general principles – fundamental statements of acceptable professional conduct required of a Member of the CMBA-Atlantic – which can be stated as follows:

1. Members shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will maintain the good reputation and integrity of the profession and the CMBA-Atlantic and their ability to serve the public interest.

2. Members shall not engage in conduct or perform any act relevant to the practice of the profession that, having regard to all of the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by Members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

3. Members shall perform their professional services with integrity, good faith and due care and shall sustain their professional competence by keeping informed of, and complying with, developments in practice standards.

4. Members who are engaged to provide professional services where there is an expectation of independence shall hold themselves free of any influence, or interest in respect of the client’s affairs, which impairs their professional judgment or objectivity or which, from a public perspective, may reasonably be perceived to have that effect.

5. Members have a duty of confidentiality in respect of the affairs of any client or former client and shall not disclose, without proper cause, any information obtained in the course of one’s duties, nor shall they in any way exploit such information to their advantage.

6. The development of a Member’s practice shall be founded upon a reputation for professional excellence. The use of methods of advertising which do not uphold professional good taste, or are misleading are not in keeping with this principle.

7. A Member shall treat other Members with the courtesy and consideration due between professional colleagues and which, in turn, the Member would wish to be accorded by the other Member