2019 Conference Speaker Lineup

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Key Note:  Roger King a local and incredibly successful entrepreneur who grew his dorm room business into a national and international success.   His out of the box thinking and can-do attitude made him king of his domain.   He will be sure to inspire you and give you the energy needed to get out and do it!

As in many business markets, millennials are driving the demand for what is being offered and how they obtain it.   Financial Technology, a.k.a. Fintech, has a strong presence south of the border and is growing in demand and availability in Canada.   A leading expert on open banking will tell us what is being done via Fintech in Canada, what we can expect in the near future and how it will impact the Canadian mortgage broker industry.

Bogged Down and Confused?   Spending more time on your condition fulfillment and having a challenge understanding why the lender is asking for more information and documentation?   It’s not you, or them … and this is a session you won’t want to miss.   Gain information and insight into audit requirements for the lender, and what it means when they get a black mark or two to you and your clients.   Find out what we can do to make the process easier for everyone involved and how to get that “Broker Complete” email headache free.

Branding Your Business.   Brokers are always asking for ways to grow their business and differentiate themselves. We’ve heard them and have a leading expert who will help them identify how they can build their brand and expand their business.   The owner of one of Canada’s largest brokerages has gone international. He’ll provide tips, tricks and easy things to implement that will help you have a bigger piece of the mortgage pie.

With more and more information being shared over the internet, protecting one’s business and their client’s confidential information has to be at the forefront. This Halifax based, internationally acclaimed, 2019 Microsoft IMPACT Awards Winner will equip you and your business with solutions that will mitigate risk, achieve compliance and protect data to ensure everything is efficient and Bulletproof!


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